The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black
The Menos Backpack - Black

The Menos Backpack - Black

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🌳 Plant one tree and collect 100 ocean-bound plastic bottles with this purchase 🌳

The perfect everyday (20L) backpack, made from recycled plastic. The Menos backpack combines a stunning, minimalist aesthetic with uncompromising functionality.

We want you to feel like a boss every time you head out into the world. On your way to work or at the airport jetting off on a weekend away, your backpack shouldn't make you look like you're off to summit Everest. But you also shouldn't have to compromise on functionality. 

We’re tired of top-loading backpacks, having to unload everything just to find your favourite undies. We’re tired of uncomfortable straps and excess pockets. We’re tired of feeling more like a mountaineer than a sleek, young professional.

So, we created The Menos Backpack, designed to adapt to your needs, from the office to the airport.

• 100% recycled main body fabric and lining (15 bottles worth of post-consumer recycled plastic)

• 20L capacity (45cm x 32cm x 18cm)

• Water resistant

• Anti-theft, waterproof zip

• 180-degree clamshell opening

• Padded laptop sleeve (for laptops up to 17")

• Padded iPad or notebook sleeve

• Internal water bottle holder

• On-the-go USB charging port

• Hidden, soft-lined easy-access pocket

• Easily adjustable straps

• Supportive back panelling

• Quick-grab handle

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All orders are shipped from the United Kingdom.

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Menos offers free shipping on all UK and EU orders.

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Are returns free?

Pretty much, yes...

We'll provide UK customers with a free return shipping label.

If you are outside the UK, you will have to pay to ship your return to us.

We'll then give you a refund on the cost of the product you purchased.

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180° opening

Pack effortlessly

Open the zip as far as you want. Drop your work essentials in by opening just the top (like a normal backpack), or fully unzip to pack for a weekend away.

On-the-go USB charging port

Never run out of charge

Inspired by Beth's inability to navigate without Google Maps, we wanted to make sure her phone never died. Simply plug your power bank in (inside the internal pocket) and power your phone on the go without opening your backpack.

Power bank not included.

Internal water bottle holder

Take your bottle with you

Our super sleek aesthetic meant we didn't want a water bottle pouch on the outside of the bag. Instead, you can keep your bottle upright with our mesh internal bottle holder. The war on single-use plastic isn't going to fight itself.

Padded 13-17" laptop sleeve

Keep your laptop safe

A padded laptop sleeve to protect your laptop while you're on the go. There's also a padded iPad / notebook sleeve.

Easy-access side pocket

Quickly find your keys, headphones or passport

Our soft-lined easy access side pocket is the perfect place for your passport, phone, airpods or keys. It's hidden to protect your valuables from thieves (and maintain our minimalist aesthetic).

Free cabin bag size

Don't pay for hand luggage

The Menos is 45cm x 32cm x 18cm, which makes it more or less the biggest bag you can take on (most) European airlines for free. For a weekend away, the Menos could save you £50 in on-board baggage allowance!


Try out your Menos backpack for 90 days.

If, by the end of that, you don't think it's the best backpack you've ever owned, we'll give you a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Sebastian Dingermann
My new day to day backpack

I am more than happy with my menos backpack. It serves very well for my daily business.

Beautiful backpack - great for commuting to work

I really like it, very smart looking, professional backpack that you want to take to the office! It's easy to cycle with, both on your back and with paniers. Comfortable straps. Finally don't need to carry around laptop with covers/sleeves!

The only drawbacks: it's very difficult to get things out without unzipping the whole backpack, so I'd say it's not ideal for trips when you have to get things out frequently.


Package never arrived and can’t get anyone to contact me back.

Rare and special design for organized people

The "open space" design of this backpack, combined with a perfect amount of light organizing and a minimal design is truly unique. I searched through hundreds of different products to find this one. The quality is great.

A great bag for everyone!

Although targeted at young professionals, I (someone in their 60s!) find it an ideal bag that allows you to carry everything that you need comfortably without looking like you're about to head off on an Alpine expedition.


Buy 1, collect 100

When you buy a Menos backpack, you fund the collection of 100 ocean-bound plastic bottles before they reach our seas. 

Locals in coastal communities exchange the plastic they collect for money so they can get access to healthcare, tuition, quality food and other things they need. 

Learn More >>

Recyled Materials

Both the outer fabric and the inner lining of our backpacks are made from recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (RPET).

It's a durable, water resistant material made from recycled plastic. Best of all, a 2017 study found that manufacturing RPET uses 59% less energy and releases 32% less CO2 when compared with virgin polyester.

Each backpack is made from the equivalent of 15 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Compostable & Recyclable Packaging

Our backpacks are packaged in compostable bags and recyclable cardboard boxes.

Even the tape on our boxes is plastic-free (it's brown paper impregnated with a natural rubber) and can be recycled with your standard paper recycling.

Carbon Positive

Through our partnership with Tree Nation, we plant a tree for every order made through our website. This means that we more than offset all shipping and production emissions (including emissions from sending our products to our customers).

We also strive to reduce emissions where we can, including through the use of less energy-consuming recycled materials.

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