Our Mission

Create beautifully simple products that help people boss their every day lives and protect our beautiful planet

An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year.

For us to survive, that cannot continue. Single-use plastic must stop.

And we must do what we can to clean up the plastic we've already left behind.

We collect

100 bottles for every product sold

We support people in coastal communities

In collaboration with PlasticBank®, we help people living in or close to poverty in coastal regions, where plastic pollution is having the most devastating impact. Collectors exchange ocean-bound plastic for money and get access to healthcare, education, mental health support and financial security.

We have measurable social and environmental impact

For every 100 products that we sell, we collect 114kg of plastic, and have a positive impact on 11 families in coastal communities.


Recycled Materials

Both the outer fabric and the inner lining of our backpacks are made from recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (RPET).

It's a durable, water resistant material made from recycled plastic. Best of all, a 2017 study found that manufacturing RPET uses 59% less energy and releases 32% less CO2 when compared with virgin polyester.

Each backpack is made from the equivalent of 15 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Compostable & Recyclable Packaging

Our backpacks are packaged in compostable bags and recyclable cardboard boxes.

Even the tape on our boxes is plastic-free (it's brown paper impregnated with a natural rubber) and can be recycled with your standard paper recycling.

Carbon positive

Through our partnership with Tree Nation, we plant a tree for every order made through our website. This means that we more than offset all shipping and production emissions (including emissions from sending our products to our customers).

We also strive to reduce emissions where we can, including through the use of less energy-consuming recycled materials.