One-Year Limited Warranty

If your Menos product doesn't work or breaks due to a manufacturing fault and you bought the product no more than 12 months ago, we will replace the product free of charge as long as you meet the terms of our Warranty Policy.

If you bought your Menos product more than 12 months ago and it's now broken or can no longer be used, you won't be covered by our warranty, but you should fill in the form below and our team will do their best to help!

We're genuinely sorry that you feel like your Menos product has let you down – our products are all handmade and, while we have quality assurance measures in place, it's inevitable that we very occasionally mess up.

Please fill out this form and we'll then evaluate your product's defect. We'd be very grateful if you could send a detailed description of the issue.

The next step, once we get in touch with you (in up to 3 working days), will be for you to send us photos of the defect. When that happens, please make sure that your photos are well lit and clearly show the damage.

This will enable us to sort this out for you as quickly as possible.

Warranty Claim